Lion Hunting Safaris in South Africa | Trophy Lion Hunts

Lion Hunting Safaris in South Africa

At Legendary African Safaris, we offer both free range Lions and ranch Lion hunts.

When it comes to Lion hunting - it’s all in the thrill of the chase! The king of beasts. Talk about a high adrenaline rush when you are on the tracks of a 400lb Lion or sitting in a blind only made up of sticks and grass waiting for the one opportunity he is going to give you.

Our methods for lion hunting are either tracking them with a skilled tracker over the red sands in the Kalahari and hoping to find the right lion we are after, or setting out baits and hoping for the right lion to hit your bait. There is nothing more exciting in the hunting world then building a blind next to a lion bait and waiting for the right moment to take your trophy of a lifetime.

Free Range Lion Hunting

Our free range Lion are on a minimum quote in our safari areas either in Zimbabwe, Namibia (when available) and Mozambique. Unfortunately Botswana and Zambia are closed to any cat hunting. This is a minimum day safari and would take up to 21 days to book such a safari. We scout the area and set up game trail cameras in our concession and see what we have available. There is a small number of Lions available on permit; booking one of these Lions hunts is normally made two years or more in advance.

Ranch Lion Hunts

Ranch Lion hunts can be booked a year in advance. These lions are NOT released just before the hunter comes out, but are released before the season starts. They are released into a 4,000 acre hunting area with free roaming game for them to hunt. These hunts are way more dangerous than people initially imagine, as the Lions do not fear humans and will generally stand their ground when approached.

Trackers will select the right track to follow and your PH will make the call on whether to take the Lion or not. If he has turned down the Lion you will back out and either take up other tracks if there is enough time that day or take up other tracks the next day. There are no minimum days on these safaris as one could get lucky and get their Lion on the 2nd or 3rd day of your hunt.

We offer great Lion hunting and the thrill of a lifetime. For more information, please contact us today.