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Hippo Hunting in Africa

A large hippo bull can run at incredible speeds, and with massive tusks ready to kill, a hippo must be treated with a lot of respect – especially at close range. While charging hippos can certainly be a reality of the hunt (and one that our clients must be prepared to face if necessary) we certainly don't go out looking for trouble either.

At Legendary African Safaris we can hunt hippo with a couple of different strategies depending on the hunting area, time of year, and preferences of our clients. Some of our clients prefer to have the safety and security of hunting hippos in the water (and shooting from land). In this situation, there can often be more of an opportunity to be selective with which animal you shoot, and there is often more time to get settled for the shot. Shot placement on a hippo is critical, and we will most often focus on a brain shot when possible. So having the extra time to get the crosshairs settled is a clear advantage of this type of shooting. And to add to the fun and excitement of the hunt, once a hippo is knocked down we need to get it out of the water! This part in itself is often a highlight of the trip for many of our hunting clients.

For other hunters however, they prefer to confront hippos on dryer ground and face the potential of an aggressive and dangerous charge. Again, just to be clear, we don't go out and intentionally instigate a charge. That can be extremely dangerous and we always focus on client safety above all else. But the pursuit of these massive, strange looking beasts in thick brush at close range will get adrenaline pumping at maximum levels – with or without a charge.

Depending on our hunter's preferences, physical ability, and shooting ability, we will select the proper style of hippo hunting for the situation and have an exciting safari regardless.

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