Goose Hunting in Africa | Spur Wing Geese and Egyptian Geese

Goose Hunting in Africa

Goose hunting in South Africa can be the trip of a lifetime for dedicated waterfowlers. Hunting Spur Wing Geese and Egyptian Geese in the African landscape is truly a unique experience, and one that should be added to the “bucket list” of anyone keen on bird shooting.

Goose hunting in Africa has many similarities to hunting geese in other parts of the world. Geese can be hunted by either pass shooting them along flight paths in the morning and evening flights, or shot over decoys in the peanut and corn fields where the birds feed. However, while that part of the experience is consistent from one continent to another, hunting pressure on geese in Africa is extremely low compared to nearly anywhere else in the world.

While hunting geese in South Africa, you may set up on a flight path of a few hundred birds – or set up to decoy a field that had 200 - 500 geese feeding the night before. With very limited hunting pressure, even a few hundred geese offers plenty of shooting for multiple hunters, as the birds decoy well and offer excellent shooting opportunities. It is very common for our hunters to shoot their daily limits of 10 geese per day, and it is typically a mix of both Egyptian Geese and the big trophy Spur Wing Geese.

Spur Wing Geese & Egyptian Geese

Spur Wing Geese are known to be one of the largest geese in the world, with many trophy birds weighing in at more than 15 pounds. With an interesting coloration of black and white feathers, combined with a red bill and “crown” on their bills, Spur Wings are really a trophy bird that should be added to every collection.

Typically flying in small to medium sized flocks, Spur Wings are an intelligent goose and wary to hunters if notproperly concealed. It’s important while hunting Spur Wings to stay as still as possible while the birds approach the field or marsh. When properly concealed, however, these large geese will decoy into close range, often attempting to land within the decoys.

Egyptian Geese are known to be one of the most beautiful geese anywhere in the world. With a stunning color combination of soft browns, blacks and bright white wings, topped off with a beautiful pink bill, it’s no surprise that so many hunters want to collect these trophy birds and experience an Egyptian Goose hunt.

Egyptian Geese are not typically as wary as the giant Spur Wings, and often fly in groups of 6 – 10 birds. In fields and marshes with minimal hunting pressure, Egyptian Geese will decoy very well, often offering close range shots for multiple shooters. With a bag limit of 10 geese per day, it is very common for our hunters to limit out with groups of 4 – 8 shooters.

Goose Hunting Packages

At Legendary African Safaris we understand that each client is different and each hunter has different goals for their safari. We have hosted hundreds of hunters over the years, so we have pretty much seen it all! Whether you are interested in combining a goose hunting safari with a photo safari, adding on a plains game hunt to your trip, or simply experiencing a larger variety of bird hunting in Africa – we’ve got you covered.

For bird hunting enthusiasts, many of our clients will combine goose hunting with duck hunting for Yellow Billed Duck, Red Billed Teal, White Faced Duck and a large variety of other species. With as many as 14 different species available, it is truly a trophy collector’s paradise. In addition to the waterfowl hunting, South Africa also offers incredible dove hunting opportunities and upland bird hunting for Guinea Fowl and Francolin.

For more information about our bird hunting safaris in Africa, please contact us today. And be sure to visit our Wingshooting Photo Gallery for samples of what to expect!