Elephant Hunting Safaris in Africa | Hunt Trophy Elephant in Africa

Elephant Hunting Safaris in Africa

Elephant hunting is often the pinnacle moment in a hunter's career. For many of our elephant hunting clients, they have travelled around the world and hunted some of the most magnificent creatures on Earth. With trophy rooms full of exotic creatures from multiple countries and areas, they feel that it is "finally time" to pursue a trophy elephant.

As with much of Africa's sport hunting, elephant hunting (and population control) is very misunderstood by the general public. While it is certainly true that elephant populations in many parts of the world (and many parts of Africa) are at low levels and need to be protected, there are other parts of Africa with an abundance of elephants.

Hunting in Africa is extremely well regulated by government organizations and local communities, and elephant populations in particular are very carefully watched. So when a hunt is booked with a professional outfitter, the government has confirmed that the harvesting of one elephant in that particular area will be for the overall good of the local population. Funds generated through elephant hunting go largely towards habitat conservation and wildlife management measures. So it is important to realize that anyone involved in the professional industry in Africa has no interest in "killing off" the elephant species as many uneducated activists may lead some to believe.

With that in mind, Legendary African Safaris has access to several excellent hunting concessions with healthy populations of elephants. There are several factors which will go into planning your hunt, including your trophy goals, your budget, and time available for your safari. Generally we will book fairly lengthy hunts for elephant as it is important that we harvest exactly the right animal. Plains game and other dangerous game can also be added into your safari, although we will often focus primarily on elephant first, as it can take several days sometimes to locate and shoot the perfect animal.

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