African Dangerous Game Hunting Safaris | Cape Buffalo, Leopard, Hippo, Crocodile, Elephant

Dangerous Game Hunting Packages

Hunting dangerous game in Africa can get your blood pumping like nothing else on this Earth. Getting charged by a cape buffalo, lion, hippo or elephant is something that you will never forget. At Pringles Legendary Safaris, we love the pursuit of dangerous game with our clients as there are few things that can truly compare.

Cape Buffalo Hunting

Cape buffalo are the signature game animal of Africa. With large, black horns, massive herds and a reputation for being extremely dangerous when wounded, "Black Death" is a true trophy in any hunter's collection. Pringles Legendary Safaris has helped dozens of hunters take great buffalo over the years, and we have had our fair share of excitement along the way.

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Lion Hunting

Lion hunting is often the pinnacle moment in any hunter's career. There is something truly unique and special about pursuing lions that really captures the essence of Africa and the true definition of "dangerous game". Lions can be extremely aggressive when confronted by hunters, and anyone who has experienced a true lion charge will undoubtedly admit to being afraid. At Pringles Legendary Safaris we do the majority of our lion hunting on foot, tracking lions into the thick brush and stalking in as close as possible for the shot of a lifetime.

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Leopard Hunting

Hunters from all across the globe travel to Africa every year in pursuit of a trophy leopard. Arguably the most beautiful trophy in the hunting world, a large male leopard is a magnificent animal and well worth the time put into the blind. All of our leopard hunting is conducted over freshly set baits in excellent areas. With permits being available in multiple hunting concessions, Pringles Legendary Safaris has an excellent track record for taking large, trophy leopards.

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Hippo Hunting

Hunting hippos on dry land has become an obsession of many big game hunters over the past number of years. While hunting hippos in water is still a popular tactic, there has been an increase in interest in pursuing these massive beasts on solid footing. Video footage arising over the past several years showing charging hippo bulls and close range shooting has gone viral online. And hunters interested in an adrenaline rush are lined up and ready for the challenge.

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Crocodile Hunting

Crocodile are prehistoric reptiles that are exciting to hunt and really complete an African safari. With some large crocs exceeding 12-13 feet in length, they make interesting and unique trophies for any collection.

Crocodile can be hunted in a couple of different ways, with the most popular methods being spot and stalk or baiting with fresh meat. Depending on the area we are hunting and the time available in the safari, we will adjust methods as needed to help you take a large crocodile back to your trophy room.

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Elephant Hunting

For many of our clients hunting elephant, they tell us an elephant hunt is the peak moment and pinnacle of their hunting careers. While many will feel the same about lion hunting, there is something particularly special about hunting the largest creatures walking this Earth. As with many species which are sport hunted in Africa, elephant hunting is very misunderstood. Several areas of Africa actually have excessive populations of elephant which need to be controlled, and the tame, passive elephants people visit in zoos are nothing in comparison to a truly wild creature.

Elephants living in the wild are known to be extremely dangerous and can be very aggressive when confronted, especially in thick brush when calves are present. The idea of simply "walking in and shooting an elephant" is far from reality, and many safaris will go for days on end without a clean opportunity at a quality animal. At Pringles Legendary Safaris we understand how important an elephant hunt is to our clients, and we everything in our control to make it the experience of a lifetime.

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