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Crocodile Hunting in Africa

At Legendary African Safaris, we offer crocodile hunting in a variety of areas, depending on our hunter’s overall safari plans. With excellent crocodile areas in multiple parts of Africa, we have the ability to add this to the schedule in combination with other hunting for plains game, waterfowl, or other dangerous game species.

Crocodile hunts are normally performed by either spot and stalk along rivers and sandy banks, or with the use of baiting tactics in shallower areas. For baiting set ups, we like to hunt in areas with shallow water where we can increase our odds of recovering the trophies, even if they slip back into the water after the shot. Additionally, while accurate shooting is always an important part of a successful safari, it is particularly important for hunting crocs along the water. Vital areas are very small (particularly for preferred brain and neck shots) so it’s important that our hunters are plenty prepared for the shot. With the large crocs sitting on the very edge of the water when we shoot, it is critical to anchor them dead on the spot.

For more information about booking a crocodile hunt, or any other hunting adventure in Africa, please contact Legendary African Safaris today.