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Cape Buffalo Hunting in Africa

Cape buffalo are commonly referred to as "Black Death" amongst the hunting community and local residents who live in buffalo country. These large, aggressive animals travelling in massive herds can put even the most experienced hunter on edge. While at a glance they may not look too concerning to the untrained eye, any experienced PH knows the truth.

Cape buffalo are very tough animals with a reputation for taking a beating and continuing to fight. Experienced outfitters and hunters will tell tales of large bulls taking up to a dozen shots from large rifles before finally surrendering. In many of these tales, a lot of those shots were straight into the chest of the bull as he charged head on for revenge!

If you are interested in adding a cape buffalo to your trophy collection, it is important to understand the excitement (and the danger) of the hunt. While video footage will sometimes make it look "easy", you may find yourself in amongst hundreds of a buffalo at a time with absolutely nowhere to run or hide. Buffalo hunting is addictive for this reason alone, as clients often comment how much larger the individual animals – as well as the herds – actually are in real life.

Cape buffalo have beautiful, black horns which may exceed over 40 inches in width on a large bull, and in many parts of Africa hunters are allowed to take multiple bulls. Depending on your complete safari plans and your budget, Cape buffalo is truly the essence of an African hunting safari!