Affordable Plains Game Hunting in South Africa | Trophy Kudu, Gemsbok, Zebra, Wildebeest, Blesbok, Sable

Affordable African Hunting Safaris

For many big game hunters around the world, an African hunting safari is the trip of a lifetime. With such a large variety of species to choose from and an abundance of game animals, it's not surprising so many people dream of hunting in Africa.

However, with many outfitters in Africa it can be cost prohibitive to book a hunt, never mind booking a lengthy hunt with multiple species to go after. In certain parts of Africa, and with different outfitting operations, hunting packages can cost tens of thousands of dollars just for the base price of the trip. By the time you have added up daily rates, trophy fees, and other "miscellaneous" expenses, the safari becomes out of reach for many people, and many people are forced to back out of the trip.

Fortunately, Legendary African Safaris offers excellent alternatives for anyone interested in booking an affordable hunting safari in several parts of Africa. With large hunting concessions available in South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Namibia, Legendary African Safaris offers high quality affordable hunts for virtually all of the African species.

Affordable Plains Game Hunting in South Africa

While Africa offers a large abundance of interesting game including dangerous game species, the "Big Five", and unique wingshooting opportunities, most people are initially drawn to plains game hunting for a variety of species. Pringles Safaris is pleased to offer several affordable plains game hunting packages for our clients. Depending on your "wish list" for your trophy room, we are happy to customize packages that meet your individual needs.

Some of the most common and popular big game animals in Africa include the Greater Kudu, Gemsbok (also known as "Oryx"), Zebra, Eland, Blue Wildebeest, Black Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest and the smaller Gazelle species. In several areas of Africa (including hunting concessions available to Pringles Safaris) hunters may encounter many of these species all in the same day. And it is not unusual for hunters to collect multiple trophies in a single day. However each day will be quite different, and you never know what will walk out of the brush next!

Plains Game Hunting Packages

At Legendary African Safaris we realize that every hunter is a little bit different, and may have a slightly different agenda than any other client we've had in the past. While we certainly know how to put together a successful and enjoyable hunt, we feel that it's important to understand your interests and needs completely before putting your package together. We do have some excellent combo hunts which are popular for our clients (and very affordable) but it's best to discuss things together first and then we'll customize a package that works great for your own situation.

In a typical hunting situation there will be certain species which group up in similar areas. In order to be efficient with our hunting time for clients, we try to target multiple species in certain areas when it makes sense to do so. In other cases though, perhaps you have already taken a few species on previous hunts and only have a couple of specific targets in mind. If so, that's totally understandable and we'll do our best to get you in front of the species you are after. For other hunters, you may be more interested in a quick plains game hunt followed by chasing down "Black Death" in the thick bush. Whatever your personal interests are, we'll do our best to put together an unforgettable safari for you. Just let us know what you're most interested in and leave the rest up to us!

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Legendary African Safaris understands the importance of researching an outfitter before booking a hunt. When you are travelling across the globe for the hunt of a lifetime, you want to ensure that you book with the right company. With a lifetime of hunting experience behind us and a happy client list numbering well into the hundreds, we are sure to create an unbelievable safari for you. Please request a free information package by filling in the simple form on our contact page and let us know of any questions you have about booking a safari. We appreciate that there can be a lot of planning that goes into your trip, and we're here to help. Please visit our Contact Page now to Request a Free Information Package.