Affordable Bow Hunting in South Africa | Bowhunting Safaris in Africa

Affordable African Bowhunting Safaris:

Hunting Areas:

South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa (selected provinces)

Professional Hunters & Staff:

All professional hunters are fully licensed and experienced with all forms of bow hunting; Cross bow, Compound bow and traditional bow . Methods of hunting include walk and stalk, spot and stalk and blinds. As we are also professional outfitters all trophy preparations and skinning are done by our staff and is always supervised by one of our professional hunters.


For the dryer months Blind hunting is the most successful, while walk and stalk is also practiced. The earlier months are better for walk and stalk as the vegetation is still green and soft allowing stillness though our brush. For Buffalo the dryer months are better, while Elephant and Cats are better in the earlier months.


A minimum draw weight of 50lbs is required for plains game hunting. It is however recommended to use a bow of 60lbs to 80lbs. Cross bows are also allowed, but will need to be arranged prior to your hunt. Should you not be able to bring your own bow, we can help try and source one for you before your hunt.


You will need 3 sets of hunting wear and 2 set of casual camp wear. Commercial camo works for well namely, Realtree and Mossy Oak. Clothing should be of neutral bush colour, no military style camo is allowed. At least 1 or 2 sets of well-worn boots and a pair of camp shoes is also necessary. Other items include camera and film, flashlight, gloves, hunting knife, binoculars, hat or cap and sunscreen.